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LPG cylinder distribution


LPG cylinder distribution


The license is required if the applicant intends to distribute LPG gas cylinders for customers (residential, commercial or industrial) use.​


A. Application Requirements:

• Provide all necessary approvals (commercial registration from the  Ministry of Industry, commerce and Tourism - approval from the municipality - approval from the General Directorate for Civil Defense).

• Provide  copy of lease contract - copy  of electricity bill.

B. Site and building requirements:

• Intended location site to have an industrial classification, main streets of the building and roads leading to it to be paved and wide to cater heavy vehicle passage. Location to be away from public service entities and human populations such as hospitals, schools and mosques, as well as  workshops and industrial facilities.

• Building to be in good condition (without cracks), (for LPG micro bottling requires the activity to be in ground floor only and away from workers residence, with the exception of receiving applications for the LPG cylinder distribution activity). Building roof, walls and barriers must be made of brick or cement sheeting.

C. Requirements for equipment and workers:

• Provide at least 2 fire extinguishers weighing 2 kilos of dry powder material or as  instructed by the General Directorate for Civil Defense.

• Provide all safety requirements for workers including  appropriate uniforms ,shoes resistant to shock and helmets. All workers should be qualified and holders of training certificates in safety from recognized institutes. Training certificates to be provided along with identity cards for all workers (provided after the initial approval).

• Place a sign with commercial name as stated in commercial registration  at least 4 * 8 feet above the shop entrance, containing contact numbers for the business. (provided After final approval).

• provide valid Third Party liability certificate if possible. 

D. Additional requirements for LPG cylinder distribution:

•  Provide a permanent licensed location for  receiving  customer orders. In case of location closure by owner, license to be considered cancelled.  

•  Provide at least one new vehicle (designed according to NOGA specification) to transport the cylinders (copy of the specification attached). Vehicle to meet the requirements of the General Directorate of Traffic and registered under the name of the business. (after initial approval).

• Provide at least 80 new cylinders from reliable sources along with certificates of origin of manufacturing, receipts  and calibration certificates. (after the initial approval)

• Provide a Copy of the gas supply agreement with a main gas distributor, stating in the agreement that gas cylinders shall be stored at provider’s storage site only.  

E. Compliance with laws, resolutions and commitments issued by NOGA:

• Comply to Resolution No. (3) for the year 1989 “bottling and trading of gas cylinders”  issued by the Ministry of Development and industry, and Resolution No. (9) for the year 1991 on the application of GCC standard specifications as  national specifications. (After final approval)

• Pledge to abide to the instructions of NOGA inspectors during the periodic inspection. (After final approval)

• Not to store filled or empty gas cylinders at the business premises at all times.

• Adherence to limit business activity as per stated in the license certificate only and not to engage in any other activity . The business owner  to be responsible for any damages caused to others as stated in complaints reports or issued by other concerned authorities , and is committed pay fines if needed.

• Not to hire unregistered workers in the name of the business, and if done otherwise is considered a violation to the laws of LPG gas trading.

• To abide by the requirements and specifications issued by NOGA regarding this type of license.​

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