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Oil & Gas 4.0

​​Oil & Gas 4.0 will transform the downstream, midstream and upstream activities into a connected, information-driven environment. Artificial Intelligent and Internet of Things will improve the oil and gas sector operations. However, both Smart Oil Economy and Industry 4.0 also look at improving manufacturing in the broader context of society and the environment, whether these improvements stem from science, engineering, informational technology (IT) or operational technology (OT).​

The Aim is to make Oil and Gas sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain is more efficient, more productive and create greater value.​

​​​​​ ​​​
The oil and gas sector played a vital role in sustainable development, it is the engine of the sustainable national economy by fueling economic growth and improving living standards. We embarked on sustainability initiatives such as the climate change strategy for the petroleum sector, including enhancing energy efficiency and environmental standards, water conservation, and mangrove restoration. The world is on the verge of an e​ra of unprecedented prosperity due to rapid advances in technology and a global middle class,​​ which will grow to five billion people by 2030, creating greater demand for energy and products derived from oil and gas. This is an opportunity for Bahrain to meet such demand and at the same time fuel the national economic growth by adopting Smart Oil Economy (SOE) as a critical enabler of economic growth in the 4th Industrial revolution era.
HE Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Khalifa (Minister of Oil, Chairman of the board of directors in NOGA)​

The Objectives of Oil & Gas 4.0

  1. ​​To enhance the operational efficiency
  2. To increase the efficient use of energy resources
  3. To maximize the performance
  4. To enhance the profitability
  5. To empower the sector employees
  6. To reduce the operational costs​
​ ​
Oil & Gas 4.0 is the technology-driven today to empower the future economy.
NOGA is leading the Oil & Gas 4.0 initiative in the Oil & Gas sector in Kingdom of Bahrain, we are working to embedding the innovation into every aspect in our business where applicable and where it has a compatible advantages to the Oil & Gas sector, we are determined to make the Oil & Gas Sector as  the destination hub for innovation.​

The Approach
​We are at the beginning stages for this excited chapter in this era by embracing the Oil and Gas 4.0 and opening ourselves to maximize the benefits from the technology as we believe that the Technology-Driven today to empower future economy through the following proposed initiative approach:

  1. Smart drilling and smart oilfield’ technology
  2. Reduced production/lifting costs
  3. Increased rig uptime
  4. Reduced CapEx/cost-escalation
  5. Increased drilling efficiency
  6. Improved recovery rates
  7. Reduced equipment costs
  8. Improved remote monitoring
  9. Efficient use of all possible resources including water, electricity, materials and assets
  10. Smart waste Management
  11. Improved personnel safety
  12. Cooperate Social Investment (CSI)​

  1. Reduced spillage
  2. Fleet operations
  3. Smart & efficient use of all possible resources including water, electricity, materials and assets
  4. Smart waste Management
  5. Cooperate Social Investment (CSI)
  1. Smart refineries and plants
  2. Connected marketing
  3. Increase numbers and types of high value products.
  4. Smart buildings
  5. Intelligent lighting
  6. Next-gen workf​orce
  7. Efficient use of all possible resources including water, electricity, materials and assets
  8. Smart waste Management
  9. Cooperate Social Investment (CSI)
 NOGA contiribtuion in the Fourth Industerial Revolution:​

  1. NOGA conducted  the Event titled “International Conference on 4th Industrial Revolution” held on 19-21 February 2019 http://www.industry4conference.org/about-bahrain​.
  2. Tetweer Petroleum achievements:
    • 1) Detecting ​​​Emulsion Using Surface Temperature, Pressure, and the Application of Artificial Intelligence
    • - Background:       Paper presented at UOB’s Sustainability and Resilience Conference (2018), International Conference on Fourth Industrial Revolution (2019), and to be presented in Middle East Oil & Gas Show – MEOS (2019).
    • - Highlight:           Implemented. Total cumulative oil gain of 700,000 barrels.
    • 2) Beam Pump Dynamometer Card Prediction Using Machine Learning
    • - Background:       Paper presented at UOB’s Sustainability and Resilience Conference (2018), and to be presented in Middle East Oil & Gas Show – MEOS (2019).
    • - Highlight:           Pilot project. Gained interest from Aramco and operators in Texas.
    • 3) Industry 4.0 Oilfield - Utilizing IIoT and Cloud to Build a Data Lake Enabling Novel Surveillance and Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence
    • - Background:       Abstract submission in-progress for GEO 2020 and IPTC 2020 conferences.
    • - Highlight:           Pilot project. Big Data Lake implemented on AWS Cloud replicating all field IoT real-time data being used to feed machine learning models for forecasting and predictive maintenance.
  3. NOGA been recognized with as “Progressive” Level in the National Cyber Security Programmed which has been conducted by IGA
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