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The Bahrain National Gas Company (B.S.C.)

The Bahrain National Gas Company (B.S.C.) (BANAGAS) is 75% owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, 12.5% by Chevron Bahrain and 12.5% by the Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation.


The Company was formed with the primary objectives of processing associated gas into marketable products, supplying residue gas for local industrial use and to provide employment and training opportunities to Bahraini Nationals.


Today, the Company employs over 400 people of whom 94% are Bahraini nationals.


The plant facilities were officially inaugurated on 17th December 1979 and the first shipment was made in early 1980. Propane, Butane and Naphtha products are exported worldwide. The residue gas, mainly Methane and Ethane, is routed to Aluminum Bahrain, the Bapco refinery and Riffa power station.


Due to a substantial increase in the quantity of associated gas extracted from the Bahrain Oil Field, an expansion of the Bahrain National Gas Company's facilities was launched in 1988 to upgrade plant processing capacity from 170 to 280 MMSCFD. The Project, which was implemented by the Government of Bahrain as a sole venture, involved construction of two additional compressor stations and a new processing train at the Central Gas Plant. The Project was commissioned in October 1990.


In 1993 the Company launched a programme to enhance its Quality Assurance System in order to meet the requirements of ISO 9002 with the Company awarded certification by the British Standards Institute in the following year. In 2003 the Company was certified to the new standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000.


BANAGAS is also a proud winner of the Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Industry in 1999. Strict criteria were used for granting this Award including productivity, export, industrial safety and community support.


In 2003, another compressor station was constructed as part of the Project to process additional quantities of associated gas, as well as propane and butane-rich refinery off gas under an agreement with the Bahrain Petroleum Company.


In February 2008, the Project was converted into an independent company, the Bahrain National Gas Expansion Company, owned solely by the Oil and Gas Holding Company.


The Expansion Company facilities are managed and operated by the Bahrain National Gas Company.



Consistently high levels of production have enabled substantial annual contributions to be made to the Kingdom's revenue. Combined with an outstanding occupational safety record which has received international recognition has made BANAGAS one of the most successful of the many projects implemented by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain in its determined drive for growth and prosperity for all the people of Bahrain.

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